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Selfcare Care Tenacity during a Pandemic

Practicing selfcare is more important than ever in the current climate. The effects of the stay home orders&quarantine due to covid19 is having on our community make us more vulnerable and susceptible to mental and physical health concerns. For this reason it’s most important that you focus on making sure you come out of this pandemic in the best mental space as possible by ensuring selfcare practices are at the top of your to do list. Placing focus on Mental, emotional, physical, social, spiritual and practical selfcare practices is absolutely necessary. Ensuring you practice all forms is necessary especially because one intermingles with others. If your mental or emotional space isn’t ok then it will be hard to practice physical and social for example. There are many small and inexpensive ways to practice selfcare at home. Some examples are: journal, read a book/blog, Video chatting with loved ones vs text, puzzles/games, organization, walking/yoga or home workouts, meditation/prayer, home mani/pedi, facial, listening to music, rest, eating healthier, hydrate, and being with nature. You can also seek professional therapy/counseling by reaching out to your primary physician for referrals or by visiting or . Be sure to put you first always. Replenish self so that you have more to give. 

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Angelia Yelder

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