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Mental Health Check In!

May is mental health awareness month and we are checking in on you. Please know that you can call, text, email or DM us anytime you need us and we do our best to support you.

Do you check in on your mental health? If so how often?

Do you open up and talk about your feelings with anyone? Talking about your feelings and/or journaling can help you stay in good mental health. I think it is so important to find someone you feel comfortable opening up to whether it be a Counselor/Therapist, Friend, Family member etc. I know that can often times be a challenge although necessary. Here are some other ways to stay mentally healthy: write in your journal, stay active, eat well, Stay hydrated, know when to ask for help, know when to say no and make sure you get in some much needed YOU time. Don't forget to put you first by doing something you enjoy as often as possible. Make sure you find things that are not always costly so you are more inclined to be consistent.

Remember......Self-Care is key to a health lifestyle!

Tenacious Butterfly will be giving back this month and we'd love for you to join in and support. Ive added a donation and nomination button at the bottom of the HOME page. Please please support this cause by visiting our home page and Donating. Also if there is anyone you feel would benefit from some much needed self-care from Tenacious Butterfly please nominate them also. With your help I hope to bless more than one.

Make sure you check in on someone you never know your call, text or FaceTime might make the difference for someone!

Be sure to follow us on Instagram & TikTok for our Journal prompt Fridays @thetenaciousbutterfly

🦋 The tenacious Butterfly 🦋

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