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“Why Journal”

Updated: Jan 16, 2020

Simply because it helps bring peace of mind. By jotting down your thoughts, prayers and ideas it helps clear your mind and can put you at ease. I’ve been journaling in some form either in a notebook or a guided journal for some time now. I found that I always needed more than one thing in a journal as most are geared toward one goal.  I wanted to create a journal that was perfect for me and all I wanted to share also with all of you in mind as the consumers. This is a partly how Tenacious Butterfly came to life. Over the past few years I realized how all life’s tasks were bogging me down and I started to have less and less time for me and the things I enjoy. I would occasionally go back in my journal and read some of the things I wrote and smile at the growth and progress I saw. So let’s all set forth in this journey together as the Tenacious Butterflies we are are by focusing on you. Here’s to an amazing 2020 and our flutterhood!

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